How to: Exfoliate w/ sea salt.

Exfoliating is really good for your skin, It gets rid of dead skin cells that can make your skin appear darker like under your eyes, your eye lids, elbows , knees, ect..

Alot of people is the world are missing out on this, and it’s sad because it’s really helpful.

Now everyones skin is different, so I advise you to look it up, pay attention to what you skin does and doesn’t like, So that you don’t irritate and damage your skin..

For most people this doesn’t hurt / burn & from doing this MYSELF I can say it really works.

This method is not just for Exfoliating your face, you can do this all over your body.

You don’t have to use sea salt either, you can use regular table salt BUT table salt has bigger chunks and may hurt a bit.. I use table salt..

There are many different ways to Exfoliate, this is just one that I’ve actually tried out for myself & can say showed results right after the first use…

You should Exfoliate 2 a week…


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